There’s not much we do these days without looking for a recommendation first.  With an abundance of choice in restaurants, TV, travel destinations, fitness regimes and diets, word of mouth or online versions of, help us all take less of a risk when we decide to leave the house…or stay on the couch!  Now there’s a place to get a movie review, before you hit the cinema.  Enter The Cinema Crew, a new podcast by Village Cinemas.  Host Kyran Wheatley, along with movie buffs from Village Cinemas, reviews the latest and greatest movies before they hit the big screen.

Trying to find a good podcast to help your kids brush their teeth?  No?  I wasn’t either, but when I stumbled on Chompers, I not only found a way to make my 5-year-old brush his teeth for longer than 20 seconds, I found a brand-funded podcast that adds value and is totally relevant to product and audience.

When you see or hear something like Chompers that is a good example of modern day communications, its hard not to admire it.

Chompers, as silly as it sounds, stepped in where my efforts of coaxing, begging and bribery had failed and engaged my son in a 4 minute tooth brushing frenzy accompanied by gross facts about animals, jokes, music trivia, riddles and immature fun.  He not only brushed his teeth himself, he did it for the full 4 minutes that the podcast ran for.

Genuis, I’m sold…and if I lived in the USA, I might even consider buying Crest Kids.

Then there’s How I Built This for those of us in the media and marketing world seeking inspiration.  Podcast host, Guy Raz interviews the creators behind some of the world’s best known companies.  How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.  Some recent examples include Chip Wilson, the man behind tight fitting Yoga gear Lululemon, the late Kate Spade, Wikipedia and Patagonia. Check out the full list of available podcasts here, there’s sure to be something to get the ideas flowing.


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