Upgrades as Standard. Our people based approach.

Things continue to shift in the world of media and advertising.

Happiness is at its lowest, with the least happy people working in Melbourne and approximately 1/3 people actively looking to change their company/job. This is according to Media i who have just released their latest survey, based on a sample of over 3000 people working in the industry.

Why is this? The suggestion is that the larger agency groups are forced to employ younger and less expensive people in the face of having to adhere to globally set staff-revenue ratios @ c.40%.

These people soon realise, after about 12 months, that they are working crazy long hours and not receiving the support they need coupled with earning just enough to cover the rent.

This cultural canyon has a knock-on effect as to how clients are serviced and how clients, as importantly, are represented in market with the media.

Against this backdrop we are seeing the rise of the Independent media agencies for which Melbourne is the focus. The essence of the Independents revolves around trust, flexibility, diversity, inclusion, equality, growth smarts & outstanding client service with experienced people at the fore.

It is with no small pride (and happiness) that Hatched has emerged, by a healthy margin, as the happiest media agency (out of the 20 surveyed) in Melbourne.

The Hatched culture has been voted as #1 against the values of

  • Hatched recognises and rewards my efforts
  • Hatched has clear values which are communicated and respected by staff
  • Hatched is committed to developing its people and talent
  • I have the opportunity to grow at Hatched
  • It’s important to me that we give back to the community
  • Hatched management effectively balance their interest in people and the bottom line

These are all equally gratifying and most importantly means that we can attract and retain smart, experienced and happy people to provide stability internally and ensure best in market service and smarts.

So how do we represent you, our clients, in market? It is down to the media-owner community to judge us in this regard.

The media feedback has voted us #1 against the values of

  • Hatched is the Most accessible and approachable media agency in Melbourne
  • Hatched is most open to ideas
  • Hatched provides the best response to feedback & proposals
  • Hatched provides the most thorough briefs

This in turn means we don’t waste anyone’s time, we respect their role and what’s important to them to get the best results for our client base.  

So what do we do differently at Hatched to achieve these results? It starts with a set of core values that are established from the day any employee, client or media partner walks in the door.

We like to think of this approach as upgrades being standard

 This means we cultivate a workplace culture that inherently goes the extra mile in every interaction, prioritising our people, our clients and our partnerships. This is difficult to reverse engineer.  It’s not due to process or something new and shiny, but simply in hiring people who have core values that align and who can consistently deliver what matters in this, a people business.

As an example we always communicate and act on authenticity and trust-based values and we develop initiatives around whole human growth through encouragement and financial support for learning inside and outside of the industry.

It all sounds pretty easy, but it takes time to nurture and cultivate this kind of culture, but when you do, it’s a win win.



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