What do I listen to now?

There’s little square shaped hole in my morning commute.  A space that once held the dulcet tones of Hedley Thomas, as he told the incredible story of Lyn Dawson’s unsolved murder in The Teacher’s Pet podcast.  If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I am incredibly jealous. You get to start from the start and become absorbed in this amazing story.

But what about me?  What do I listen to now?

I did what we all do when in need of something new to listen to, and I asked around.

The usual list of crime podcasts were suggested; Up & Vanished, Death in Ice Valley, Dr Death, Dirty John, Trace, Phoebe’s Fall.  I’ve already listened to some of these, but of those that I haven’t,  none have come close to holding my attention like The Teacher’s Pet had done.

And maybe, just maybe, I need a break from crime stories?

So, here’s the top 4 non-crime podcasts as recommended by the gang at Hatched:

Serial Season 3 : Ok, so kind of crime, but this Season of Serial is a documentary style podcast, aimed at pointing the spotlight on the justice system in the USA.

Serial’s seasons 1 and 2 are a pretty hard act to follow.  They covered two gripping stories; Adnan Sayed’s imprisonment for murdering his girlfriend in Season 1 and Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion of his post in Afghanistan and subsequent capture by the Taliban, in Season 2.  Both worth listening to if you haven’t already.

In Season 3, Serial’s host, Sarah Koenig, visits a Cleveland Justice centre to tell one story from the courthouse each week.  This round of stories was born out of the question that Sarah has been asked time and time again following her first two seasons – “what do these stories tell us about the criminal justice system?”.  

Whilst previous seasons have covered one big story, Season 3 looks at how the justice system works for the ordinary everyday cases that fill Amercia’s courtrooms.  One episode in, and I’m hooked!

Everything is Alive:  Stay with me on this one!  Everything is Alive is an interview show in which the subjects are inanimate objects; there’s Maeve the lamp post who sees so much but feels invisible, Dennis the pillow who has dreams of his own and Louis the can of coke who’s been thinking on the shelf.  You have to listen to this one to get it, but have a go!  Choose an object and give it 20 minutes.  I reckon you’ll keep going.

The Habitat documents a NASA experiment in Hawaii where 6 volunteers are locked away in a simulated Mars habitat for a whole year. The goal is to help NASA understand what life might be like on the red planet and to get them ready for when that day eventuates.  Described as a serialised documentary, the podcast chronicles the experiment with audio diaries that bring the experience for the six, to life.  I haven’t listened yet, but this one comes highly recommended by Hatched’s official space-geek.

Another one from Gimlet media, Science Vs is a great podcast for those of us that love to get under the skin of trends and understand if they stack up when it comes to the evidence that science can provide. Science V’s looks at things like Vegans, Obesity, The Bee Apocalypse, Meditation, Essential Oils…pretty much anything that is touted as popular or a trend is covered.  I enjoyed the couple of episodes I listened to. Some go for 10-15 minutes and others for a half hour.  Great for shorter commutes when you want to tune-in rather than tune-out.


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