There are 6,000 homeless people living in Copenhagen.  Under Danish law, homeless people are not allowed to sleep in groups leaving many exposed to theft and abuse on the streets.  Whilst sleeping in groups is illegal for the homeless, sleeping outside a shop to line up for a retail sale is not.  Which is why the paper came up with the idea to create Homeless Home Sale, an online geo-located shop for the homeless, so they can always be seen to be in a line, and therefore able to sleep in the safety of a group each night.

The interesting thing about this case is that it wasn’t a one off idea that the paper decided to act on.  Ekstra Bladet has long campaigned for greater awareness of the issue of homelessness in Copenhagen, even going as far as to have one of their journalists live as a homeless person on the street for a week.  Naturally this is where the idea for Homeless Home Sale was born and demonstrates a brand going beyond just talking about a cause they believe in, but aiming to change the rules that have caused the problem.

Source:  Trendwatching 


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